Take your intimate experiences to the next level, instantly.

Coconnection is your edible lube made with organic coconut oil with Vitamin A & E. Finally, a lube that’s actually good for you.

4.6 (65 Ratings)


Superior Connection


Always ready, no friction, all pleasure. Release anxiety about getting dry.


Feel good about what you’re putting on your skin. Zero chemicals, all-natural.

For everyone

Anyone that enjoys sex, foreplay, massages, or toys. Is that you?

4.6 (65 Ratings)
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My GF and I absolutely love this stuff! This has become our new favorite! Definitely recommend!
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This lube works as described. It’s not super slick when used sparingly and it doesn’t last long. So use liberally and often. Otherwise it’s great. Clean up is good. Doesn’t leave greasy residue behind. And best of all no burning sensation for the wife! She’s happy, I’m happy 👍👍
Sean L.
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The truth is, I didn’t know I needed this. But oh man, the intimacy with my partner is way better. We love it!
Tony C.
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Best lube out there.
Asi C.
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The best oil I ever used!! Very Good smell Soooo good texture Feels amazing on the body Very Good taste Shortly, if you love yourself buy 10 before it will over (:
Liz A.
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I tried many lubricant products before and this one works really well for me because it’s chemical free. My skin is sensitive and I love how this feels.
Alyssa R.
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Great all natural, organic alternative to other brands full of chemicals. No burning or UTIs afterwards.
Lance M.
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It keeps everything lubricated even with just a little bit. I love the bottle too. It looks great next to my bed.
Yotam O.
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With previous lubes I tried, I was left feeling burned. Never with this one. Feels smooth during and after. Amazing lubrication. Tastes good!
Alicia D.
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Shawn K.
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Won't use another lube!
Bianca E.
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I’m a big fan of coconut for just about anything, so this lube is perfect for me. The smell is subtle and it tastes yummy.
Cindy T.
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The product came sealed, doesn't smell, perfect gift or for personal use.
Zachary L.
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A discrete bottle - Looks like a high end product, not a bottle of lube which I love.
Lawrence Q.
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Safe! I didn’t really know the potential problems lubes can cause until my girlfriend refused to use a lube unless it didn’t have all the nasty ingredients.
Selene B.
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Very nice on the skin
Elena R.
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Very nice feeling.
Steve V.
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This is my wife and I's go-to lubricant no matter what the activity is. It's amazing stuff.
Angela A.
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I've bought it 3 times, it's now my favorite lube.
Jose A.
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Long lasting and isn't artificial.
Ofri H.
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Super nice! Bonus when you put the bottle under the sun. It comes to life with colors.

Introducing Your Edible Lube.

Coconnection is great for any intimate occasion. The 2oz. bottle is easy to hold with a one-hand pump application. It’s organic, vegan, and non-GMO.

💧 100% all-natural ingredients
💧 Made in Southern California
💧 Free shipping across the US
💧 30-day money-back guarantee

Do you want better connection? intimacy? sex?

Supports hydration in your intimate places

Increases sensations for more pleasure

Releases your anxiety about getting dry

Helps to turn you on faster and for longer


Is Coconnection good for all skin types?

It’s made for people with sensitive skin. All we ask is that you make sure coconut oil works well for your skin.

Will lube form create a dependency or addiction?

No, we promise. You can’t get habituated to lubricant. Feel comfortable using it regularly.

Who is Coconnection for?

Anyone that enjoys sex, foreplay, massages, or toys. Sounds like everyone? It’s true! Coconnection is made for you.

Where should I store Coconneciton?

Store in a shaded place, but take the bottle into the sun for some holographic fun.

What is your refund policy?

Your satisfaction means everything to us. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Is Coconnection all-natural?

Yes, this is why we made it! It’s 100% organic, vegan, non-GMO and chemical-free. It’s made from organic coconut oil, with Vitamin A & E.

Will lube form create a dependency or addiction?

No, we promise. You can’t get habituated to lubricant. Feel comfortable using it regularly.

Where is Coconnection made?

Southern California ☀️

How long will the 60ml / 2oz bottle last?

Well… that depends on how much fun you’re having connecting. However, we estimate you’ll get 300 pumps from a single bottle.

"Great all natural, organic alternative to other brands full of chemicals. No burning or UTIs afterwards."
Jessica N.
Amazon Customer - 9/9/23
“Guys, I definitely recommend surprising your lady with this!”
Tim R.

Next Level Connection.

Helping people free up their minds and focus on the sex at hand.

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